Player Lionel Messi sentenced to 21 months in jail for tax fraud

Player Lionel Messi sentenced to 21 months in jail for tax fraud

lionel-messiUnder Spanish law any sentence under two years can be suspended meaning the Barcelona and Argentina footballer is expected to avoid serving time in prison.

Lionel Messi has been sentenced to 21 months in jail for tax fraud by a Spanish court.

Under Spanish law any sentence under two years can be suspended meaning the Barcelona and former Argentina footballer is expected to avoid serving time in prison.

The 29-year-old, among the world’s highest-earning athletes, was accused of creating a string of fake companies in Belize and Uruguay to avoid taxation on €4.16m (£3.2m) of image rights earnings between 2007 and 2009.

Messi, who took time out from Argentina’s preparations for the Copa America tournament this summer, said in court last month: “I was playing football; I had no idea about anything. I trusted my dad and my lawyers.”

The Argentinian’s father Jorge Horacio Messi has also been handed the same punishment. The pair, who also face huge fines, can appeal their sentences through the Supreme Court.

During the trial, Messi said he never suspected any wrongdoing when his father would ask him to sign contracts or documents relating to his image rights, a lucrative source of income for any athlete of his calibre.

Witness Eva Blazquez, responsible for handling the four-time Champions League winner’s tax declarations, said: “Leo didn’t see them. The final supervision was done by the client, in this case, Jorge Messi.”

Messi’s father reiterated last month that his son didn’t know the details of his contracts. “I didn’t think it was necessary to inform him of everything,” he said.

See The Top 10 Dirtiest Cities In The World

The world is changing, and so does our planet. Pollution is a very high price to pay for evolution, but that will not stop the cities of the world to keep polluting the planet. Waste management, air pollution, hospital service and the presence of infectious disease, medical supplies, and water potability measure the dirtiness of the cities. In this article, I have compiled the list of ten dirtiest cities in the world.

10: PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI: This city is located in the Caribbean and it is the capital of Haiti. The population of the metropolitan area has over three million people, which is nearly a half of the country’s population. The population of Port au prince produces 5000 tons of solid waste daily, and some sources estimate that the public service collects only about 7% of that garbage.

9: MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. One of the most important financial centers in the Americas, it is located in the Valley of Mexico, with a population of over 22 million people. The city is notorious for its traffic and air pollution. The most dangerous period with severe air pollution is between November and May when the toxic smog is estimated to be the cause of deaths of tens of thousands of people.

8: ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA: Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, is an African city with a population around four million people. Since most people do not have access to a hygienic toilet, the waste is dispersed in the environment, which ultimately leads to the development of infectious diseases, a spike in infant mortality rate, and a low life expectancy. The city is facing one of the worst sanitations problems in the world.

7: MUMBAI, INDIA: Mumbai, or Bombay (official name until 1995), is the capital of the Indian state Maharashtra. With a population of around 19 million, Mumbai is the ninth most populous agglomeration in the world and the second most populous in India. The city is extremely noisy. Its residents have poor garbage disposal services, low-quality water, and the one thing that makes it one of the dirtiest cities in the world – severe air pollution.

Located along the Tigris River, the capital of the Republic of Iraq is the second largest city in the Arab world (after Cairo, Egypt). The population of the city is over nine million. In 2012, Baghdad was listed as one of the least hospitable places to live on the planet. Among other issues, one of the biggest problems of Iraq’s capital is the poor quality of water, which leads to water-borne diseases that cause serious health problems and lead to many life losses.

5: NEW DELHI, INDIA: New Delhi serves as the capital and seat of Government of India and as the seat of Government of Delhi. Established in 1911 and designed by British architects, the city has a population of about 17 million people. Due to the city being so overcrowded, public urination and piles of garbage are not rare occasions on the streets. One of the major problems for tourists is accommodation, as most of the hotels are dirty and lack proper heat and air conditioning.

4: MOSCOW, RUSSIA: The largest city in Russia, with a population around 13 million people, Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. A lot of factories and cars have made air pollution a big problem for Moscow’s residents and placed the Russian capital, the only European city in this list, among the dirtiest cities in the world.

3: LOME, TOGO: Lome is located in the west part of the African continent. Waste management has been one of the main causes of the area’s health hazards. Without access to clean water, the city is fighting against water-borne infectious diseases. On top of that, the inhabitants are drinking water from polluted sources.

2: LUANDA, ANGOLA: Another African city on our list scored in the top two of the dirtiest cities in the world. Luanda is also known as one of the most expensive cities. Lately recovering from a cholera outbreak, the city has reached the world’s highest fatality rate caused by the disease with over 2000 deaths. In only one year, there were 77 reported fatalities caused by cholera. Most of the problems are caused by the dangerous water the residents drink.

With a population of around 1.5 million people, Port Harcourt is the dirtiest city in the world. This city in Nigeria has one of the biggest issues with disease caused by water pollution and bad waste management. Many companies based in Port Harcourt dump their waste in the river Aba, which runs across southern Nigeria. In the city’s main airport, the arrivals lounge is basically a tent. Moreover, the airport has serious problems with air conditioning, seating, and customer service.

dirty world

Source: exploredia

TOO BAD: See What ‘One Chance’ Robbers Did To A Journalist and 4 Others In Lagos (Photo)

A journalist with Television Continental (TVC) located at Magodo Phase 1, in Lagos State and four other people were brutalized by suspected ‘One Chance’ robbers who stole their phones, cash and used the victim’s ATM cards to withdraw money from banks, yesterday.

The producer, Toyin Ibrahim, in a specialist hospital bed in Magodo, narrated to newsmen how she escaped death by the whiskers. She displayed her jeans trouser, which was torn by one of the robbers who attempted To Molest her after she bit him.

She had closed from the office about 5.30a.m. and was returning home when she boarded a commercial mini-bus close to Ketu Bridge. She said the bus was heading to Berger-Magbo area.

Amidst tears from her swollen eyes, she said the robbers began operation two minutes after she boarded the bus, and the driver who she suspects to be their ringleader diverted to another route.

She was pushed out of the vehicle at Ikeja, close to Allen Avenue in her torn trousers.

According to her, “two minutes after the vehicle took off, one of the robbers began to hit me. He asked me for my ATM pin number but I gave her a wrong one, which made him angry. When they tried the numbers and discovered that the pin was a fake one, they descended on me, hitting and booting me with their heavy shoes.

“I had to tell them the truth, giving them the accurate pin numbers of my GTBank and Skye Bank accounts. As they were beating me, I bit one of them and he became angry and tore my jeans trousers. He wanted To Molest me. I was saved by one of the robbers, who warned that there was no time for that.

“Our company just paid my salary and was hoping to withdraw some money yesterday, but the robbers have withdrawn everything from my accounts.”

Continuing, she said: “It was a 14-seater bus. I wanted to sit at the row behind the driver’s seat but the conductor said that was his seat so I had to go to the last seat at the back. I and four others fell victim to the robbers who had positioned themselves strategically on the bus.

“They were stepping and marching on me very hard. I would have died if they had succeeded in raping me. Even as they were doing that, they pushed two other victims down while on motion. They injured me badly in the head, despite dispossessing me of my ATM cards, phones and the N3,000 in my pocket. I am still in pains and spitting blood,” she narrated.


Young Man Takes Selfie With Oshiomhole’s Wife and Admires Her (Pictured)

Oshiomhole's WifeThe young man, Albert Asemota, who met the first lady one on was so excited that he sang her praises about her humility.

It’s embarrassing ,so many foolish senators. You can’t get a role model from them…….how did sinator Dino get to the chambers of criminals headed my Saraki? What happened to Dino’s former made in Nigeria wife? DINO IS A KNOWN WIFE BEATER AND A COWARD.Can the lousy sinator accuse our ESAMA FOR MARRYING LADY CHERRY?
Lara Oshiomhole is a blessing to Edo people…….she is the simplest woman I have ever met in my life.‪#‎LaraismadeinAfrica

‘Friend’ Exposes “Dirty Secrets” Of Ooni Of Ife’s New Queen, Via An Open Letter (PHOTO)

The Ooni of Ife will be getting married to his hearthrob Wuraola Sonia Otiti in a few days time, but dirt is already flying around which may cast doubts on the integrity of the Olori-to-be

An alleged open letter, published by was written by Wuraola’s ‘friend’, Zainab Lawani, and it alleges that Wuraola is a ‘destructively possessive’ woman still married to another man.

Read the letter below as first published by NaijaGists

New QueenIt’s amazing how Jennifer is suddenly flaunting Sonia as her sister. Why haven’t you ever shown her as your sister all these years? You waited till the accounted Olori title came.

Jen you and your father are just users willing to identify with anyone you can extort money from to buy your outrageous watches.

Sonia is your sister, where were you guys when she was roaming all over Abuja. When she hits a big maga you identify with her to get him to buy your watches and luxury.

Sonia remember that if anything happens to this your marriage to ooni that is the end of you. Gone are the days were you can come out and find another person.

You are also too possessive and destructive to share your man with another woman. Infact nothing drives you nuts than your man having other women. You are destructively possessive.

Will you now be breaking things in Ife palace when you see him with women? Will you now be driving any woman that comes near him in your usual way?

You married Elie khouri legally at Amac. Until December you were still married. Is ooni marrying another mans wife?

Abi ifa and ife Chiefs no dey check the hands of who dey enter their palace again?

You lie so much and claim so much. You remember your days with your friend Fati after Saminu dumped you disgracefully and Hajiya at coomassie crescent who was also your love-vendor?

Try and pay all the people you owe cos you are a no1 debtor.
You married Elie to spite Abacha family.

Now you are marrying Oba to spite Elie. His whole family went against him marrying you.
You gave his mother so much hell.

Talking down at her and disrespecting her your normal way of behavior. You sucked Elie dry all his little expatriate change you took it sent him into debt and you ran away. You were still sleeping around while married to Elie to fund your lifestyle.

You think God is sleeping? Your story will come to light as it has always done.

Correct your ways. Your quest for money, fame and power: this is your last bus top. You don enter one chance bus wey you no go fit comot.

And if I know Sonia as I know her this can also be a fluke. Ooni must have gone on an outing with her presenting her as his wife before social media catches it. Sonia that we know could be strategizing.

Until ooni marry you as wife it could still be one of your numerous frauds.

Please come and pay all your gbese(debt) before we your debtors March to Ife palace.
I also hope you have treated your very smelly armpit body odour.

Are you still going to hold this marriage ceremony in John obayuwanas house as your fathers house? Because Na him house you dey always use shine.

Since you are so ashamed of your fathers Benins flat(block of flat apartment) I am surprised you never used sense to build him a befitting house to cover up.

You owed at Maitama shopping complex moved to Garki still owed. You can’t pay rent.

Are you now back to Christianity? Cos you were born Christian changed to Islam bearing Zainab for Hausa men. Now you are marrying a Christian abi ifa’ist are you now chrisfa or Christian or Muslim?

From Itohan at Benin to Sonia to Zainab to Wuraola Iya clap for yourself. You are the queen of rebranding.

See Pictures Of How Nigerian Youth Set New World Record

Harrison_ChineduNigerian footballer based in Cambodia, Harrison Chinedu, has broken the Guinness World Record for the farthest distance traveled while balancing a football on his head and cover a distance of over 45. 64km reports The record was set in 2014 as Indian soldier NaibSubedar Azad Singh traveled a distance of 45.64km.

Chinedu began his journey yesterday Sunday 06 March at 7am from Kilometre 46 at the RCCG Redemption Camp and broke the record by not allowing the ball to touch the ground before reaching the National Stadium in Surulere.

Harrison_Chinedu 2The history-making event which was flagged off by representative of Minister of Youth and Sports, Demola Ali, after the ball and his head was inspected by President of Nigeria Referees Association, Tade Azeez assisted by former FIFA-badged referee and senior lecturer at the National Institute for Sports, Dr. Alex Mana, and ex- Olympian, Henry Amike, saw him trek from the Redeemed Camp to the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos. At the National Stadium, he trekked round the main bowl eleven times to break the record before trekking further eleven times to set a new record. Chinedu told National Mirror that he was happy to put Nigeria in the World Records, even as he ascribed his feat to hard work and dedication.

The athlete, who expressed appreciation to the Rafiu Oladipo Sports Foundation which organised the event, for believing in his abilities, stated that his greatest challenge during the event was when he nearly had a muscle strain at Berger Bus Stop.

“I am happy that the scare gave way immediately to enable me continue the journey unhindered,” he added. “I thank the Rafiu Oladipo Sports Foundation for encouraging me both financially and otherwise and also made contacts with the Guinness Book of World Records office to ensure the event took place.”

President of the Foundation, Dr. Rafiu Ladipo, who doubles as President of Nigeria Football Supporters Club, recalled that the foundation received less support at inception of the event. “I am happy that it saw the light of the day in the end,” Ladipo remarked. Ladipo described Chinedu as a Nigerian sports ambassador and pledged his foundation’s sponsorship for the athlete to “Tafisa 2016” championship. “We are also committed to helping any talented Nigerian youth put the country’s name on the world map,” the NFSC boss concluded.

Congrats Chinedu Harrison for making Nigerians proud.